Monday, January 14, 2013

My Christmas Vacation

                          My christmas vacation was very memorable! It was one of  the best times I've ever spent before 2012 ended. 
                     In my 15 years of existence, it was my first time spending my christmas vacation in Vitali with my aunties and cousins. I spent my christmas there for several days. By the time we had reached Vitali, we immediately went to the hospital to see my cousin's newborn baby. Even though we got exhausted since our long travel, our exhaustion paid off as we were welcomed by the news about my cousin giving birth. I was filled with overflowing joy,  spending time with my precious cousins. We had made conversations, chatting away our stress and worries. It was like we were in our own little world, sharing our experiences and secrets and we sang along and etc. I knew that it took a long time for me to reunite with them, but it was worth the wait.
                           Two days after, we went home. My aunt and I wanted to celebrate Noche Buena together with my nuclear family. Actually, two of my aunties were not staying here in Zamboanga. They went here just to spend their christmas vacation with us. They actually reside in Malaysia and Basilan.
                         It felt like christmas vacation was too short. I didn't have enough time to explore more. Besides, from the things that I mentioned above, I also spent my remaining time doing my homework given to us by our teachers. After about two weeks of vacation, everything went back to the way it was. We need to get up early so we can attend classes again. =)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

       What  makes me unique?

     We are born originals. No one else in this world that exactly you ! meaning”You’re the one and only “, Your physical features’your attitude,your character,your life experiences,etc. Even i
  Do you wonder what makes me special and unique from everyone else?
f you have an identical twins. There are still many ways that the two of you differ.
   There are just so many things  that make you a unique person. It could be your style, the way you dressed up,the way you talk,the way you smile and so on..
 What makes me unique from others???I think being an open-mided person,makes me unique . I am a kind of person who is willing to accept or consider ideas  and opinions from others .
 There are lots of things that makes me unique. As a whole being myself is what makes me unique…
     ..Uniqueness means being the only one of its kind..


                What  Makes Me Happy?

       We all deserve to be happy. We all have our reasons to be happy, things that makes us smile, and completes our day .
       Finding true happiness starts within yourself . you need to decide on want are the things that make you smile .

       Having my family –my parents and my three siblings that loves me no matter what and knowing that they are always there for me in good times and bad times makes me happy . Another reason that makes me happy are my friends. My friends whom I can share my secrets and whom I can make crazy things with them. My friends who are also there for me whenever I am not in the mood. We don’t even care what people think of us because that’s we are, that’s what make us happy and no one’s going to change that.

         Big ship,small ship,but the best is “friendship”

My strength and weakness
                   Everyone has must have some strength and weaknessess. Some people know how to manage their weaknesses in the right way , and some are not . some people really have a hard time to know what are their strengths and weaknesses
           Strengths and weaknesses generally refer to one persons attitude.  Answering the question  “what are you’re strengths and weaknesses” is one of the most difficult question I have to answered. I only have one strength in my life that is my family. My family- my parents and siblings are my strength  because I cant live without them. For me they are the reasons why I am here, why I love to live in this world. My family is also my weakness because I don’t like to see them being hurt by anyone . Another weakness is my self-confidence I am a kind of person who really don’t have a trust within myself. I always think that I cant do it on my own . 
                Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is really difficult.