Sunday, January 13, 2013

My strength and weakness
                   Everyone has must have some strength and weaknessess. Some people know how to manage their weaknesses in the right way , and some are not . some people really have a hard time to know what are their strengths and weaknesses
           Strengths and weaknesses generally refer to one persons attitude.  Answering the question  “what are you’re strengths and weaknesses” is one of the most difficult question I have to answered. I only have one strength in my life that is my family. My family- my parents and siblings are my strength  because I cant live without them. For me they are the reasons why I am here, why I love to live in this world. My family is also my weakness because I don’t like to see them being hurt by anyone . Another weakness is my self-confidence I am a kind of person who really don’t have a trust within myself. I always think that I cant do it on my own . 
                Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is really difficult.

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