Sunday, January 13, 2013

       What  makes me unique?

     We are born originals. No one else in this world that exactly you ! meaning”You’re the one and only “, Your physical features’your attitude,your character,your life experiences,etc. Even i
  Do you wonder what makes me special and unique from everyone else?
f you have an identical twins. There are still many ways that the two of you differ.
   There are just so many things  that make you a unique person. It could be your style, the way you dressed up,the way you talk,the way you smile and so on..
 What makes me unique from others???I think being an open-mided person,makes me unique . I am a kind of person who is willing to accept or consider ideas  and opinions from others .
 There are lots of things that makes me unique. As a whole being myself is what makes me unique…
     ..Uniqueness means being the only one of its kind..

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